60 Minutes Full Body (Shiatsu Massage) + Manicure from Shade Z by Sadia Junaid

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Trusted cosmetics
Trained and courteous staff
Individual attention paid to customers

Voucher Includes:
- Full Body Shiatsu Massage (60 minutes)
- Manicure

Voucher Validity: January 19th till February 28th, 2017

Only valid for services mentioned in the voucher
Not valid with any other promotional offers
Multiple vouchers can be bought for friends and family.
Not valid with any other promotional deal
Only for ladies
Strictly on appointment only
Open 6 Days a week

To book an appointment please call:

Monday - Saturday
11:00 a.m. till 07:00 p.m.

Sea Cliff Apartments, 5th floor Block 2 Clifton, Karachi

Our body works really hard for us each day. We expect years of service from our body, years that are often filled with too little sleep, too little exercise, bad food and an abundance of stress. Have you ever noticed that our body sends us signals of wear and tear through back ache, sore shoulders and/or a stiff neck?

Massage is an invitation to connect with your body. It provides relief from common aches and pains that result from excessive time spent over computers, desks, standing for hours and doing home chores over and over again. Do you feel like carrying the whole world burden on your shoulders? Enjoy this relaxing and professional full body massage at one of the most famous salon & Spa.

The ShadeZ salon for women. A serene and peaceful place free from all the worldly problems, where you can come, relax and let go of all the stress on your mind. We have professionally trained workers who will certainly give you services that will soothe your senses.
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