Tune-up your vehicle! Complete Electronic Engine Tuning + Wheel alignment + Wheel Balancing + Wheel Polishing from Auto Spa for only Rs.1300 instead of Rs.3000 [57% off]

Rs. 1300 Rs. 3000
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• Complete tuning
• Wax polishing
• Highly trained staff
• State-of-the-art equipment & tools
• Imported products (3M)

Valid for all class of cars.
Validity Starts From 28th December, 2012 to 27th January, 2013

By Appointments Only

Monday - Sunday ( 10 am to 7 pm)

Opposite National Medical Center,, Nearest Land Mark Tooba Masjid
Korangi Road, Phase 1, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.

Many years ago, car engines were all mechanical. Spark timing, valve timing, fuelling, ignition advance and mixture enrichment regimes were all controlled by mechanical devices. It also meant that car tuning was very “hands-on” and you had to adjust or replace many of the mechanical parts if you wanted your engine to develop more power. This could sometimes demand a lot of money and time and the compromise would not always be a happy one.

Today, all the mechanical tricks remain, but cars have acquired a barrage of electronic controllers to look after all the fine-tuning – especially so in an engine, which is controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU). In modern, state-of-the-art engines, the ECU precisely controls the fuelling, cam and spark timing and induction manifold length, while controlling detonation within fine limits. However, this does not mean that all cars leave the factory as finely-tuned instruments. The reason for this is that all “identical” engines differ in their details and should ideally each have its own, dedicated ECU programming. However, mass production precludes this, so it is up to the electronic, aftermarket car tuning industry to fill the void.

Get Dealtoday’s vouchers for wheel alignment, wheel balancing, wheel polishing and electronic engine tuning and gear up for a smooth ride! All this for only Rs.1300 instead of Rs.3000 and your car is on its way to a quick mechanical makeover!

Auto Spa is a 3M's Authorized Auto Care Center specializing in Car Wash Car Detailing (Interior/ Exterior) Paint Protection, Film Window, and Film Polishing; they offer proper car services including car exterior, interior, and detailing using 3m USA and Maguire underbody coating, 3m tints, Body protection Film and Matt wraps. They have been satisfying their clients with the 100% accuracy as per company's specs; their services are done by professional and trained team.
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